Quickly & easily add your marketing tracking tags in a user friendly interface with zero guesswork or coding.

Save Time

Set up your marketing tags quickly, instead of tasking Developers to manually insert them.

1 Plugin Instead of 15+

You'd have to install a lot of plugins to do what our single plugin does. Oh, and ours does things that don't exist elsewhere.

Zero Guesswork

In the page head, body, or footer? Don't worry about that, the plugins will do that for you.

Zero Coding

Don't know how to combine php or configure server side variables for Ecommerce Tracking? No problem.

Ro Marketing Free & Pro

WordPress Plugin

Easily add the following tags:

  • GTM
  • Google Analytics
  • Call Tracking
  • CRO Tags
  • PPC Tags
  • Custom Scripts & More

RO woocommerce

Woocommerce Plugin

Check a box to turn on GA Ecommerce Tracking, Create Shopping Feeds, Set up Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails, Enable Dynamic Remarketing Tags, View Customer Lifetime Value & # of Repeat Customers, Auto-Add Products with Quanitites & Apply Coupon Codes with URL Appendages, Add Infinite Scroll/Lazy Load Products, & Much More.


Our Features Have Features


Install popular A/B/n Testing tags, create unique variations, install heatmapping and scrolltracking tags all within the plugin.

Attribution & Call Tracking

Measure conversions by source & medium. Signup and install call tracking to dynamically swap out your phone numbers per tracking source.

Promotional Banners

Add a configurable sitewide banner to the header to announce promos or events. Include a CTA button if you'd like to send visitors to a specific page.

Local SEO KML Sitemap

List your business locations in KML format and submit to Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools.

Custom Scripts

Easily add any javascript or tag that you want sitewide in the header or footer of the site.

Email Features

Use a shortcode to add a email collection form. Send WooCommerce dropped cart emails via WordPress or ESPs.

About Redolive

Red Olive has been building awesome since ’99. We are a team of 30 some odd Designers, Developers, and Marketers that are passionate about making change. We developed these plugins to spend less time on client website setup and more time marketing. We constantly add new features and test these plugins on our own website and client sites. Interested in joining our team or hiring us for some custom work?

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