WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin


The Need for Cart Abandonment Emails

If you don’t already have a plan to recover Ecommerce Abandoned Carts you are potentially missing out on a lot of revenue and sales. According to Adobe and a study done by BI Intelligence about $4 Trillion worth of merchandise is currently abandoned each year! Roughly 63% of that has a potential to be recovered by retailers.

Customers are getting more and more savvy. Cart abandonment emails are so prevalent these days that some customers will ditch a shopping cart intentionally just to get a discount code emailed to them enticing them to come back and complete their order. Luckily that doesn’t happen as often as you’d think.

Our Cart Abandonment Emails sent by RO WooCommerce are easy to configure and effective!

Locating the Abandoned Cart Email Settings in RO WooCommerce

Find the Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Settings here: Go to the back end of your WordPress site > Hover over “Red Olive” in the left sidebar > Click “RO WooCommerce” > Click the “Email” tab > Scroll down to the “Send Abandoned Cart Emails” section.

Read Through the Settings & Configure Your Emails

You will want to check the box to enable the abandoned cart functionality to start. You can send yourself a test email once you get the emails configured. You can send up to three emails (within one hour, the third day, and the seventh day [the second and third emails will be sent at the same hour of the day as the first email.])

Coupon code(s) will need to be set up beforehand (if you’re going to use them) so that the discounts will actually be applied when your shopping cart abandoners click on the link in the email to finish their checkout process.

Once the email link is clicked the shopper will be taken to the shopping cart with their products added as well as the coupon code applied if you included one.

Note: This whole process will only work if the site visitor and EITHER of the following conditions are met:

  1. The visitor is logged in OR
  2. The visitor enters their email address on the checkout page (even if they don’t have an account)

Send Yourself a Test Email

Automatically Send Cart Abandonment Emails & Increase Revenue

It goes without saying that results will vary from one site to another but feel confident that you’ll recover some abandoned carts for a boost in revenue that you likely would have otherwise missed. Over time you should be able to see increased conversion rates and sales.


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