WooCommerce AdWords Conversion Tracking Plugin


WordPress Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Pixel Installation

Running PPC ads without being able to track conversions is not good for proving ROI. In addition to tracking transactions from AdWords you also need to be able to track how much revenue that was driven as well. Our plugin not only sends your transactions to Google AdWords but also the Total Conversion Value that can seen in the AdWords Online Interface/Dashboard.

What Part of My Conversion Tag do I Need?

When you create a conversion action in AdWords it will give you a tracking code to add to your WooCommerce /order-received page. All that you need from that code are the Conversion ID & Conversion Label.

Conversion ID Example: 968057009

Conversion Label Example: zfFCCK_V3BwQscHNzQM

Add the GA Tag to Your WordPress Site

Log into the back end of your WordPress installation. Mouse over the “Red Olive” in the left sidebar > Click “RO WooCommerce > PPC Tab > Google AdWords Tracking Pixel > Check the box to enable the tag > Paste in your Conversion ID & Conversion Label > Click Save Changes.

Verify that the AdWords Conversion Pixel is Firing on Your /order-received Page & Passing Order Value

Place a test order on your site and view the page source of your checkout success page. Search the page for your Conversion ID or Conversion Label to find it. You will also see the Conversion Value in the tag that we’re automatically passing to Google AdWords in the “Total Conversion Value” column so that you’ll be able to measure your pay per click ROI performance!


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