WordPress Live Chat Plugin


Live Chat WordPress Plugin

Live chats have shown to increase conversion rates in many cases and is at least worth a shot. Whether you’re planning to use live chat for sales assistance, customer service, or both, it’s important to get it set up quickly and easily so you can help your customers and/or clients. Keep reading below to learn how to enable live chat on your WordPress site.

Finding Your Live Chat Tracking ID

There are many live chat services available to the public. We have a super simple method to add the tag to your site if you are using LiveChat (livechatinc.com,) or Olark. If you aren’t using one of those we still have a simple way to add your tag explained here.

Navigate to your tracking tag in the service you are using and copy the unique ID. Example: 6436961

Add the Live Chat Tag to Your WordPress Site

Log into the back end of your WordPress installation. Click on “Red Olive” in the left sidebar > Live Chat Tab > either LiveChat or Olark > Check the box to enable the tag > Paste in your Tracking ID > Click Save Changes.

Verify that the Live Chat Tag is on Your WordPress Site

View the page source of your website and search “Google Analytics” to verify that the tag is installed. You could also use the Google Chrome Tag Assistant Browser Extension to see if it’s installed on your site.

Install Other Live Chat Tags

Click on “Red Olive” in the left sidebar > the Scripts Tab > Add your Tag to Either the <head> or <body> > Paste in Tag > Click Save Changes. Done.


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