WordPress Review Collection Page Plugin


The Importance of Business Reviews

It goes without saying that having great online reviews of your business goes a long way. Most people look for and read reviews of your products/services before buying. There is also great potential in the Local SEO space for having additional reviews to help you show in a more prominent location in the search engine results pages. You will likely benefit from reviews on Google, facebook, Yelp, etc. plus any industry-related sites such as Houzz or Healthgrades, etc.

Oftentimes people will leave a poor review if they had a negative experience. On the contrary most of your satisfied customers will not leave a good review. How do you get more of the satisfied customers to review your company? You ask them.

The Process of Collecting Online Reviews

We’ve created a plugin to facilitate helping your customers/clients know where they should leave reviews for your business. You put the review sites onto a page of your site using a shortcode. Put the review sites in any order that you want. All you do is send people to the review collection page by email, text message or a banner on your site, etc. inviting them to leave reviews.

See the screenshot below for the finished product.

Enable the Review Collection Page Functionality

To enable the Review Collection Page: Click on the “Red Olive” link in the left sidebar of your WordPress Site > Click on the “Reviews” Tab > Check the box that says “Enable Reviews Page” > Click the “Save Changes” button.

Configure the Review Collection Page

To navigate to settings of the Review Collection Page: Click on the “Red Olive” link in the left sidebar of your WordPress Site > Click on the “Reviews” Tab > Click the “Settings Page” link > Click on the “Add Review Collection Page Set” button.

From here you will set up the review sites with their corresponding URLs and icons. You will set a shortcode identifier. In the example below we used “1” as the identifier. You can also change the background color, text color, as well as the text and icon padding to suit your style.

Create the Review Collection Page

Copy the shortcode and paste it into a page. You can select the “RO Blank” page template if you don’t have a more suitable template for the review section.

View the Review Collection Page

Preview the page and click on the links to make sure they go where you intended.

Easy Trick to Preload 5 Stars on a Google Review URL

You can preload a 5-star (or any other level for that matter) by simply adding a 5 to the very end of the url of the company review popup that Google displays. See the animation below for more details.


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